The 2014 Customskins Christmas Gift Guide

The 2014 Customskins Christmas Gift Guide


Once again Christmas has come around, like the guy who comes round to read your gas meter. And when the guy who comes round to read your gas meter comes round to read your gas meter you know to expect a bill, like when you order the braised duck head at your local oriental restaurant. There’s a bill coming. If you get my drift. (It’s a duck bill).

The Christmas ‘duck bill’, if you will, is buying gifts for your friends and family, which is not now merely expected, but mandatory under EU law. It’s very difficult to do this as most people have all the stuff they need by now, so you’re essentially just guessing if Auntie Jean would like a MIG welder.

Fortunately, the 2014 Customskins Christmas Gift Guide is here to solve all your gifting dilemmas. Admittedly the gifts are best suited to individuals with an interest in drums and percussion, but in this day and age who doesn’t. To assist you in your choices we’ve conveniently categorised suitable gifts by how well you know your loved one.

1. I barely know my loved one but if he says I’m his father who am I to argue?

If you suspect your loved one is a complete stranger but have no biological evidence to the contrary we recommend Gift Vouchers. Customskins Gift Vouchers come in increments of £20, so you can gear your gift to how well you did in the 80’s property boom. 4 of them will get an off the shelf design, 5 will get a crest style design, 6 will get a fully customised skin, and 10 will get a majority shareholding in

The great thing about Gift Vouchers is that your lucky recipient can choose exactly what they want, so you literally have to know nothing about them at all. We like Gift Vouchers because sometimes lazy people don’t use them, so we literally get free money.


2. I know the nationality of my loved one but not a great deal more

If you’ve heard banging from your loved one’s bedroom, interspersed with cursing in a foreign or domestic accent it’s safe to say your recipient has an interest in drumming and a nationality. If this is the case our Off The Shelf designs are the perfect gift.


As well as super-safe flag designs we’ve introduced some exciting new designs for the 2014 Christmas rush, including ‘Fried Breakfast’, ‘Camera Lens’, Pink Swirl’ and ‘Golf Ball’. If your recipient likes fried breakfasts, photography, pink swirls or golfing these could be the perfect gifts.

FriedBreakfast Lens PinkSpaceSwirl GolfBall


3. I’ve stalked my loved one on Facebook and have discovered their initials

If you’ve discovered your loved one’s initials you’re at a significant advantage over less well-informed gifters. Simply choose one of our Crest Design heads.


We’ve introduced two new crest designs for the 2014 Festive season, so your choices are almost limitless (4). Simply type their initials into the internet box, hand over some cyber money and you’ll be kicking back with a mints pie before you know it. We’ve even introduced a new fiberskyn style look for those drummers who like their drums to resemble a deceased animal.


If you don’t know your loved one’s initials worry not – you can choose other acronyms according to their interests. For example a seaman may like ‘HMS’, a motor racing driver might enjoy ‘MPH’, and ‘DP’ would be ideal for somebody who likes Doctor Pepper.


4. I know my loved one’s computer password


For those of you with an intimate knowledge of your loved one’s filesystem why not go all the way with a totally customised Custom Skin from Customskins? If they’re in a band you’re going to need to filter through their sexy selfies to find their logo, or you could even create a design yourself if you think you’re Picasso or Mary Berry or something.

This is a such a thoughtful, meaningful gift it’s worth considering prior to purchase whether your relationship with the proposed recipient is worth pursing long-term. If so, you may also like to consider our range of special finishes including ‘Mirror Chrome’, ‘Brushed Gold’ and ‘Toffee Apple’.


As with any purchase, make sure you measure your loved ones’ bass drum prior to ordering. This will ensure the resulting custom skin is the correct size.

We take 5 working days to print a custom skin. Our Off The Shelf designs and Crests are also printed to order, so if you’re aiming not to ruin Christmas try and order before the 16th December. Or even earlier if you live in Indonesia, Easter Island or France.

For help with your custom skin purchase just contact us here, or call our Custom Skin Hotline on 0207 426 0692.

Happy holidays!

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