New things KLAXON

New things KLAXON

No, this isn’t a drill – here at Customskins HQ we’ve been burning the midnight oil developing not just one but three NEW THINGS.

“NEW THINGS” I hear you say. Everyone loves new things so they can fiddle about with them until they become old things and then you can get new things again!

Our new things are TWO (2) new crest designs you can use to personalise your drumkit, and one new finish you can use to personalise your drum kit!

Here’s the first new thing combined with the third new thing. It’s a new crest design called the RETRO CREST, so called because it’s very retro unlike all our other crests which are super futuristic, combined with a new finish called FIBERSKYN LOOK which makes your drum head look like a fiberskyn even though it isn’t one.

Two birds, meet stone:


The second thing is another new crest, but instead of being vertical it’s horizontal. Take off your up and down glasses and put on your across glasses because this is gonna blow your mind:


The crests work exactly the same as our other crests: Just contact your biological parents, find out your initials, type them into the box, cross our palms with silver and the skin is yours. We can combine these crests with all our current finishes including ‘mirror chrome’, brushed aluminium’ and ‘dolphin’.

To create the Fiberskyn Look we print a fiberskyn style background texture onto a Remo Ambassador drum head and lovingly protect it with a matt film to achieve a true Fiberskyn Look. You can use this with all our personalised skins, along with our full big boy custom printed drum heads.

If you have any questions regarding our three NEW THINGS please direct them to our ‘contact page‘ where a customer representative is awaiting your message.

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