NEW! Die Cut stickers now available at CUSTOMSKINS

NEW! Die Cut stickers now available at CUSTOMSKINS


It’s been a while since we Klaxoned here at CUSTOMSKINS, but today is not only A day, but THE day.



I know what you’re thinking: Stickers? WTF? And the answer to your question is yes, stickers. Little adhesive pictures sent straight from heaven. Yes, mortal, Customskins is now channelling the gluey graphics of the Gods for your benefit so THOU SHALL BECOME FAMOUS AND RICH.

Our stickers are printed on high quality waterproof vinyl and die cut to any shape you desire. Here’s how you order them:

  • Go to this page:
  • Choose a size and quantity you like. If you don’t like any of the sizes and quantities email us and we will create new sizes and quantities for you.
  • Download a template from and create your design.
  • Order them with typing and clicking and money.
  • Email us your artwork and order number.
  •  Anticipate the arrival of your shiny beautiful stickers is 5 days or less. Bask in the glory of your excellent decision making skills.

Circular_stickers Custom_Shape_die_cuts square_vinyl_stickers


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