The adverts that sold a million drumskins

The adverts that sold a million drumskins

Attention marketing students! If you want success in the cut-throat industry of selling stuff forget everything you’ve been taught and read on…

What I’m going to show you here is the advertising strategy that sold (give or take) a million drum heads, and put CUSTOM SKINS firmly on the map as one of the most highly respected organisations out there, across all industries and every market in the world.

It’s called the FOUR SEASONS method, and consists of four advertisements covering every season and all four of the primary human emotions.


This advert is all about fear. The slogan ‘CUSTOMSKINS.CO.UK CAUSES DRUMSKINS’ is blunt and sinister, and ‘CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN’ hammers the fear factor home with nails of terror. Of course, if you did fly to America to consult your physician (physicians don’t exist here in the UK) the cost of private medical treatment would make a custom drum head an attractive proposition cost-wise. That’s what makes this advert so effective in converting sales.


Everyone wants something for nothing, and spring is the time to get out there Kayaking. That’s what makes this advert so effective. Of course, there is no Kayak (let alone a SEA kayak), but that doesn’t matter. The reader is associating the kayak with a custom skin, and associating the word ‘WIN’ with the word ‘BUY’. Marketing gold.


The summer is when everyone is spending all their money on beer and failed military coups. It’s a terrible time to try and sell custom drum heads. Try it! That’s why you have to target an older, wealthier market, who are determined to spend every last penny of your inheritance on worthless garbage. The words ‘luxury’, ‘comfort’ and ‘golf’ are guaranteed to get the older guys drooling, and the subliminal drum head in the background does the rest. BAM!


As any marketing professional knows, you can literally sell anything to anyone at Christmas. Jay-Z famously sold ice in the winter, and water to a well. That’s why you don’t have to put much effort in – in fact, the lower the effort, the higher your ROI. This advert is particularly effective thanks to it’s nonsensical tagline, and the illegible web address with hints of Christmas, resulting in one of the highest grossing magazine ads in advertising history.

So there you go. The FOUR SEASONS METHOD. Use it carefully, for it is powerful.

All the above advertisements appeared in DRUMMER magazine.

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