How we made the new Customskins website

How we made the new Customskins website

Hi guys,

Welcome to the new Customskins website!

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I know what you're thinking right – are there not laws about this sort of desecration? There ARE, but contrary to what you may have believed the old customskins website was not a world heritage site, grade 1 listed building, or area of outstanding natural beauty (HAHAHA). So we made a new one, and demolished the old one using the 'drag into the recycle bin' technique. Here's one last look:

Say goodbye – the next occassion you'll see that badboy will be in hell.

Here's how we made the brand new CustomSkins 2013 website in 6 easy steps:

1. We started with a dream

Remember when your parents tell you that you can do anything that you want in life, right, and you're all like MUM I WANT TO DO A SLIGHTLY BETTER VERSION OF THE CUSTOM SKINS WEBSITE and she's like son, don't take  it too literally and I'm not even your real mum ok? Well, we bothered anyway.

As Wayne Gretsky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take”. This was our shot, and we took it.

2. A dream isn't enough so we used money

Naturally there's pretty severe limitations as to what you can do with a dream, some Holz reinforcers and that plunger we once used to demonstrate the size of the Stageworks matt on the custom skins blog, so I called some guys who tap on computers for a living. They needed money to buy more androids or weblogs or something so they agreed to arrange some 1s and 0s in such a way as we would have a new website, in exchange for money. Seemed like a great idea so we bit their hands off! Then we had to pay to have them reattached. More money wasted!

3. We got some celebs to help

Without celebrities nothing has any worth at all and the world is just a load of people wandering around trying not to punch each other. In order to add weight to our offering we got some genuine professionals on board who have used customskins, and are willing to concede that success in the music industry is 20% talent and 80% having the right customskin.

4. We designed cool bits so you feel special

Like the gallery, which we've updated a bit, and the user area where you can, err, use the site within a specific area? I guess.

You can do all the ordering online and you can see the status of your order and you can probably do other stuff? Let us know in the comments!

5. We assuaged your guilt

I know, you're feeling bad about all the work we've done on this, and you haven't done anything. Right?

Well to make you feel better we've put the price of delivery up to something approaching what it actually costs to deliver a drum head. Don't mention it, guys!

6. We didn't *quite* finish it

You know you want to design drum heads on our website, and I know I want you to design drum heads on our website. All my contacts on know you want to design drum heads on our website. We can almost do it. It's just, y'know… give us a bit of time.

So there you go. Using this formula you can start your own successful ecommerce website. Thank you for visiting our new site!

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