Gift vouchers now available at

Gift vouchers now available at

We just launched gift vouchers at Here’s a mailout we sent out about them, which has been picked up by news agencies across the globe. You can sign up to the mailing list on the signupamabob thingy on the footer:

What’s up (drum) players?

For those of you new to the customskins list, welcome. If you want news, trivia, special offers and coarse fishing tips delivered directly to your promotions tab twice yearly from the greatest drumskin printing company on earth you’re in the right place. DON’T click unsubscribe – every time someone unsubscribes God kills a kitten with another kitten.

For those of you not new to the customskins list, guys – what’s going on?!!! XOX

Let me level with you – I’m not *just* getting in touch to say hi and shoot the proverbial you know what. I’m going to try selling you something, and this time around it’s not my car.

So we’ve always thought it would be a great idea to have customskins gift vouchers so that you can give the gift of a customskin. It is, after all, the greatest gift. We’ve also always thought about it but not done it because, y’know, life is short and there’s other stuff to do instead of trying to have a business which actually makes money.

But, as you know, the economy is how it is, and Ruddles isn’t getting any cheaper, so I spoke to my computer tapper guys and I said guys: has internet software programming technology developed to the level whereby we can offer some kind of ‘gift vouchers’ which can be redeemed through a website, probably ours?

And they were like, “yeah, months ago”, so I remortgaged my home, sold my Royal Mail shares, and here we are today. GIFT VOUCHERS for us. New AUDI for the computer tappers.

Here’s how it works:

– You have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what to buy Frank, Romeo or Lucy for Christmas. TOTALLY impossible to buy for. Impossible.

– You remember that Frank plays the drums. That’s what all the banging is, hopefully.

– You decide to buy him a customskin from customskins. It is the greatest gift a gifter can give.

– You realise you know almost nothing about Frank’s life, interests or ambitions. How do you design a customskin for somebody you know nothing about. Is Frank on drugs?

– You buy Frank GIFT VOUCHERS for a customskin. Frank can empty the dark contents of his pysche onto his own customskin.

– Everybody is happy.

So what do you think? Gift vouchers! They come in a nice card and we’ll deliver them to you for FREE. You can order them in increments of £20, but it’s best to go north of £60 since we don’t sell anything that’s less than £60. Our only product available for less than £60 is DHL UK delivery, so your lucky recipient could either get £60 off a customskin, or we could deliver nothing to him or her 6 or 7 times using DHL’s fine overnight service. I’ve had worse xmas gifts.

Here’s the product page where you can read all about these wonderful GIFT VOUCHERS:

That’s the size of it.

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