The 2nd Best Christmas present in the world ever!

The 2nd Best Christmas present in the world ever!

As everyone knows, the best Christmas present in the whole world is a custom skin from Custom Skins. We know this because The Duke of Cambridge is buying one for The Dutchess of Cambridge, and vice-versa. We already had our 'by appointment to the Queen' warrant from when we printed big drumskins for some kind of royal marching band, and when we did the drum heads for Queen.

BUT what if you need a stocking filler and have run out of coal, satsumas and broken glass? Don't worry guys, I've sorted it.




Yep, it is a book I'm afraid guys, but don't worry, it's mostly pictures. Based on the classic children's book 'Goodnight Moon', this beautiful piece of literature is in quite poor taste but pretty damn amusing as a result. Here's what THE NEWYORKER had to say:

“Morbidly funny … this book has something for all ages. For the grandparent, a nostalgic game of find the Who reference; the parent, a sad reminder of how cool things used to be; and for the kid, tucked into bed listening to the the most inappropriate bed time story ever, a lesson: old people are weird [and] alcohol kills.”

This book makes a great gift for anyone interested in drumming, Keith Moon, or drug overdoses. And the great news is that here at Customskins we have non-exclusive rights to sell it direct to you!



Here's the deal..

You supply us with £6.99 using the PayPal link below. We will then pack the book in a special padded envelope and dispatch it to your door. If you would like me to sign it or write a special festive inscription to your loved one simply email me upon payment. Did I mention I'm paying for the shipping out of my own pocket? I am!*

*Technically I'm not.

Shipping to those of you lucky enough not to reside in the United Kingdom will incur an additional premium of my choosing.

Seriously guys, this is a terrific and only slightly upsetting gift. Why not buy a highly recommended product from a company you trust? Because there's no time! Here's the payment link:

2 Copies FREE SHIPPING £12.00 GBP



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