The Great Customskins Giveaway Part 4 – Win 2 AMAZING drumming items!!!

The Great Customskins Giveaway Part 4 – Win 2 AMAZING drumming items!!!

Hello compers.

It’s been a while since the last blog post. How are you? In case you haven’t noticed it’s now 2011. I thought I’d better post a little somethin’ somethin’ up or the blog post following directly on from the Customskins Review of 2010 will be the Customskins Review of 2011, and we’ll all be a little closer to our graves without any blog bants.

Fortunately, we’ve teamed up with hot new drum accesorisers STAGEWORKS to give away not one but two amazing new drumming products!!!

First up, we have the amazing new Stageworks matt. Hold up though! You wouldn’t want to scrape the dead hedgehogs off the soles of your shows on THIS badboy. Oh no. It’s a special musical instrumenty matt which stops your whole bass drum pedal falling in the lake or onto the tracks. Oh yes. Here’s what it the box looks like:


Look at that! It has triple triple layer technology, like a club sandwich! And you get two of them. Here’s some photographic evidence of what it does:


To give you an idea of size, here it is next to a sledgehammer:


Pretty sweet huh? Go and clear a space in your livingroom for it.


The next item we are giving away is a StageWorks Rimma. I know what you’re thinking! Yes, it is manufactured by the same company as the matts.

This is a device for holding your sticks/jazz cigarettes whilst you’re playing the drums. Without one your sticks are going to be in the canal and you’re going to be airdrumming. EMBARRASING! Here’s what the product looks like:


Pretty sweet huh? And the inside of the box is all gold and satiny like a gift from God:


Here they are! Once again, you get two:


Once again, so you can clear some space, here’s one next to a sledgehammer:


So there we have it. Stageworks assure us that these are crucial accessories for any tubthumper, but to make absolutely sure we tested them on famous drum player Neil Peart. Here’s the results:



Neil doesn’t look very happy, does he? Let’s try it…



Result! They work. Neil is now a very happy chap indeed.

Here’s the competition bit!

To win BOTH items simply answer the following multiple choice question in the comments. As ever, one of the entries will win. Here’s the question:

What other product has a suggestive name?

I will personally pick a winner on the 30th September, and they can start clearing some space in their lounge. Good luck!

Oh, and if you don’t win I STRONGLY recommend you buy these products anyway. They’re very good and not very expensive and will make your life better:


10 responses to “The Great Customskins Giveaway Part 4 – Win 2 AMAZING drumming items!!!”

  1. Am I being an idiot or is this not multiple choice? Suggestive named products? Rimma is obviously suggestive… And Ive to think of another….?

    I’ll go with Custom Skins as if they could be sold in boxes of 3 in the gents toilet. Condoms with your bands logo… Ideal.

    Anyway, id love these two near bits of drumming gear so pick me!


  2. Well the question doesn’t specify a drumming product, so I’ll go with the chicken broth I saw in Jamaica called “Cock Soup”. Anyone fancy eating that creamy goodnes?

    Drumwise, the BumChum does take some beating – and that is not their advertising strapline. I hope.


  3. I don’t know if it’s suggestive in the way you mean but the worst name for any product ever was the MP3 player the iBeat Blaxx, by TrekStor.

    Don’t worry someone got fired over that one.


  4. How about the studio essential –


    Gotta love the big knob 😉


  5. Bumchum gets my vote but I would also like to nominate “Vergina Beer”, “Pee Cola” from Ghana, “Megapussi” potato chips(AKA Crisps) from Finland, “Wack-Off” Insect repellant from Australia, and I’ve always thought “Horlicks” sounds very wrong…


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