The Great Customskins Giveaway Part 3 – Win an even more awesome thing

The Great Customskins Giveaway Part 3 – Win an even more awesome thing

Unless you’ve been trapped down a mine, you’ll know that last month we gave away a truly awesome Kickport as part of the Great Customskins Giveaway. The competition was so popular that we briefly considered giving away all our products rather than selling them. Our accountant, however, suggested this was likely to cause issues with our revenue stream, and ultimately cause homelessness, drug addiction, and death. He recommended we instead give away things occasionally, rather than relying on it as our core business. So that’s what we’re going to do.

Let me introduce you to this handsome candidate:

It’s a DW 2000 bass drum pedal. The origin of the name remains unclear, but I suspect that DW stands for David Wright, who played a defensive role for Ipswich Town from 2006 to 2009. The 2000 presumably correlates to the amount of goals that were conceded during this period.

Disclosure time:
Whilst we’re extremely generous people here at customskins HQ, our generosity wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of others. In this case the generosity is on the part of Drumshack. Drumshack is an amazing drum shop in Battersea, South London, who specialise in new and used drum gear. I particularly like their range of vintage drum kits and shiny Bosphorus cymbals, but that’s just me. You might prefer their charming staff and winning prices.

When I first moved down to London from David Wright country I visited Drumshack, which back then was literally just a shack on the muddy bank of the Thames with a couple of congas in. They treated me like a real person, even though I wasn’t, and we’ve been comrades ever since.

But anyway, you’re probably more interested in the DavidWright2000, and how you can get your neanderthal mitts on it:

  • The DW2000 is for drummers.
  • It fits onto the drum kit somewhere.
  • It’s engineered in the USA, which probably means it’s actually manufactured somewhere with nice food.
  • It’s suitable for a range of musical applications. I just played it like a cello.
  • It’s got single post casting. I don’t know what this means, but it’s probably not as good as double or triple post casting.

So, in an antiques roadshow stylee, you probably wanna know how much this behemoth of bass bashing is worth. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT.

Not bad huh?!

The Competition

In order to win this amazing piece of hardware engineered in the good ‘ol USA and made out of solid METAL just answer the following trivia question in the comments. We will pick a winner on Wednesday 17th November, and send them the DW2000.

If the name DW2000 is nothing to do with football, what do you think it might stand for?

Best of luck! If you don’t win it why not swap some money for one instead?


19 responses to “The Great Customskins Giveaway Part 3 – Win an even more awesome thing”

  1. Deniable Win 2000: A potential win that could be denied (due to competition status) and engineed back in Y2K when teh intrawebz were invented.


  2. Its actually a TV production code and refers to the 53rd christmas special of the ever popular ‘Only Fools and Horses’ situation comedy which aired at the turn of the new millenium, hence stands for Derek/Wodney (year) 2000.
    P.s. Its a little known fact that Uncle Albert was a mean tub-thumper back in the day….. And a wizard on the skin flute to boot.


  3. Answer: Drum Workshop 2000
    But maybe Drunk Whiskey 2000 times too many is the answer?


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