Blog is back!

Blog is back!

No, this isn’t a figment of your imagination. The universally ignored Blog is back! Those of you lucky enough to be VIP members of the mailing list will know all about the server meltdown, and the fact that we’ve been working 24/7 for the last 3 months to ressurect it. In the end all it took was a piece of almond cake, a cup of tea and a couple of lines of totally illegible computer code. Result.

So you’re probably wondering what’s been going on in the world of whilst we’ve been gone. Here’s 5 notable things which have happened:

rain at the HQ
1. It rained at HQ

Yes, and the rain was so hard that it set my car alarm off. Halfway through raining it started hailing, and the hailstones were so big that you could imagine how painful it would be if you were a smaller creature, like an insect or some sort of woodland mammal.

The photo on your left shows the view from the doorway of HQ.

2. Broken ribs

Clive went indoor snowboarding and broke all his ribs trying to do something clever involving a metal rail. This has made the production of custom printed bass drum heads a painful business for him. Be grateful.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of this incident. The photo on your left is what happens when you search Flickr for “broken ribs”. Let’s hope this animal doesn’t have broken ribs though, cos that’d be sad.


3. I went on Holiday

Even people with really cushty jobs like printing bands names on drum skins need a holiday sometimes. So I went to Greece. Greece was very sunny, and I got quite burnt.

The photo on your left shows what Greece looks like, in case you’ve never been there.


4. Amy Macdonald wrote her whole name in drumskins

If everyone did this we’d be millionaires. Unfortunately they don’t.

The photo on your left shows what Amy Macdonald looks like written in drumskins.


5. went to Field Day

Field Day is a one day festival in East London. Clive saw Drums of Death and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

I saw Mumford and Sons and Mogwai.

The photo on your left shows people at Field Day watching the Temper Trap, before it started raining. They were excellent and you should definitely check them out.

So now you’re up to date just add the blog to your RSS and we’ll keep you informed of other important stuff.

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