How not to reorder a drum head

How not to reorder a drum head

Reordering a previously printed drum head is no hassle for you, and even less for us. However, to ensure a smooth transaction it’s always best to make any design alterations prior to ordering rather than on delivery:reorder32


2 responses to “How not to reorder a drum head”

  1. LMFAO! The person who wrote this email is an absolute joke!

    Im sorry but if you dont specify exactly at the time of order what you want, then you aint going to get it.

    It’s the same as ordering a pizza with pepperoni and peppers on and then once its delivered saying “oh even though i didnt say it on the phone, somehow you should know me well enough to have been able to pshyically pick up through the cosmos and space time continumum that i didnt want peppers or cheese on the pizza!”

    Some people are unbelivable.

    Moral of the story is if you want modifications, you make the design modifications in the PSD or EPS file first before submitting it for production. That way you know its going to be exactly right.

    Don’t expect people to know what you want if you dont tell them, especially to that degree and then demand they bow down to your every whim when it wasent even their fault in the first place.
    If you dont order right and make sure you’ve ordered right then you stand the cost for your cock up.


    (Cheer’s Tim as you do a great job on your kick drum skins, and certianly did for me).


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