SXSW – the coverage begins here…

SXSW – the coverage begins here…

As you may be aware, the South By South West music conference/festival in Austin, Texas begins tomorrow. For up and coming bands this is one of the biggest events of the year, giving them the opportunity to showcase in front of record industry types from across the globe. will, of course, not be attending this event, as per every year. I have actually been to Austin, back in 2001, where I collected a stolen truck and returned it to it’s owner – a Dutchman with one testicle who lived in New Mexico. But that’s a story for another time. Of course, the idea of watching bands all day long in bars drinking Miller Lite and lounging around in the Texas sunshine lamenting the demise of the recorded music industry is a tempting one, and it’s to my eternal regret that I haven’t made it yet. Maybe next year.

Naturally at we have the privaledge of working with plenty of bands who are performing at SXSW; The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, Fanfarlo, The Gin Riots, Hey Negrita, Honey Ryder, Operahouse and White Lies are just some of them, and we wish them the best of luck. Another band who I’m a big fan of who are representing in Austin are Slow Club, a girl/boy duo who play intoxicating country-tinged folky love songs.

For more information on goings on at SXSW check out the website here:

Doubtless there’ll be loads of news and info flying around on Twitter as well so, errr… be lucky.

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