Sound meters, Duffy the Tramp-eyed slayer and positive forts.

Sound meters, Duffy the Tramp-eyed slayer and positive forts.

bennygrebWell it seems the guys at Custom Skins ‘towers’ have taken to calling me Dr. Death for my penchant for talking about dead drummers…..( This is hardly my fault, they just keep kicking the bucket). So in light of this I thought I had better inject some positive thought and good news into this here blog. Beep-beep-STOP PRESS…..

Firstly, and probably most importantly, recent rumours about the government bringing in compulsory sound meters for every live music venue nationwide have been grossly exaggerated. It seems that us angry musos (of which there are a fair few about….ahem) jumped the gun a bit and started a petition for something that is not actually happening! The government’s response can be seen at

Which is basically them saying stop getting in a flap. Or we’ll give you something to really worry about (like the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse… Damn, back to positive thought).

Brilliant, and surprisingly funny German drummer Benny Greb, has released a top new 2-disc DVD for everyone who loves a bit of Zen like drum mastery. The production puts most movies to shame with core material that is useful for beginners to advanced and centres around the ‘language of drumming’; not to mention accordions, cereal, lederhosen, Hong Kong airport and Benny’s Borat impressions and signature beard. Groovy.

If you want to indulge in a brief , FREE bit of show-boating then the Vic Firth drumsticks website have a couple of new (to me) drumming dudes. Depending what flavour you favour, you can check out either Dafnis Prieto, truly a bonkers musician in a Latin/ Jazz (not to mention a bit of d’n’b) style. Have a look at the ‘Live at Jazz Standard N.Y.C’ performances. Don’t be put off by the word JAZZ !!! This guy was clearly given too much orange squash as a kid.

If you prefer big ol’ grooves of the fattest, (sorry that should be phat) nature and bass drums to make your bowels rattle, then maybe Stevie Wonder ‘sticksman’ Stanley Randolph is your man. Check the drum tribute video out .

Okay, bear with me on this one…..

For reasons beyond my comprehension, Duffy managed to bag 3 Brits at this years awards. From this I deduce (read hope) that the 12 year old Shirley Bassey with the flu will now be forced into a studio by her record label to set to work on recording the difficult follow-up album (or alternatively cobbling together a second volume of sub-standard soul pastiche). Thus, she may well be out of the public view for at least, oh, maybe a week or two……….Come on people, positive thoughts. 😉

Till the next time….(a famous drummer starts pushing up the daisies)

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