Drum Clobber in ’09

The NAMM show in Anaheim, California is an annual January fixture that allows all the major music manufactures to peddle their tat… sorry, launch their state of the art new gadgets, gizmos and the like.

So, what does 2009 have in store for us tub-thumpers? What will be the new thing?

Over the past few years we’ve seen some incredible finishes, alternative drum shell materials becoming slightly more commonplace and some bonkers bits of hardware capable of suspending an anvil or two, should the need arise.

Something that was launched a short while ago that was sure to divide opinion was the DW 23” bass drum. ‘What !?!?’ I hear you cry. Well if it did pass you by then yes indeed you can now get a 23” bass drum for all the times you want something with more balls than a 22” but are still too lightweight to go for some big boy drums 😉 There will of course be the issue with bass drum heads. Remo supply them for the drums but how many shops are likely to stock them! Unless, of course, the 23” B/D is taken up by other manufacturers and there is a sudden demand for 23” heads. The reason I doubt this is that you really do not see many 9” or 11” toms that were introduced some years ago….all probably stashed in lofts with busted heads…

Okay some ‘odd sizes’ have become the norm, 13” toms and the less popular 15” have somehow worked their way into set-ups but why those? 10,12,14,16 etc does seem to make more sense. So lets see if 2009 has every major drum maker falling over themselves to get the 19” jazz/d’n’b/hybrid/electro bass drum out and the 21”…oh, you get the idea.

One thing I have checked out is Pearls new DEMON bass drum pedal which has a promo trailer like Die Hard 6. It surely looks an astonishing piece of kit with the emphasis on smooth and fast, fast, fast. I’m not sure how fast they want everyone to play (or even how fast it is physically possible to play) but I recon if we hooked up a bunch of metal drummers and these new pedals to some sort of dynamo the worlds energy shortage may be over……….

Buy your very own Pearl Demon Drive pedal

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    nice blogging! Can you link it to facebook in someway. i’ve seen other blogs do this – a bit like your Digg link? then I could remember to read your next one. loving it! and i’m not even a drummer


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