Fantasy Festival

Fantasy Festival

Now that the new year celebrations are a distant memory and the year 2k9 is moving faster than a Keith Moon solo, everyone is starting to talk festival season.  Who will be headlining Glasto? Can I afford to go to Reading as well? At which band do I throw my biggest bottle of piss at Download?  But I want to move away from the reality of this years festivals and for 15 minutes live in a world of make believe while I introduce you to the game of ‘Fantasy Festival’…

Fantasy Festival is a chance to design your perfect festival.  What you say goes.  Here’s how it works…

There are 8 slots up for grabs.

1. The Show Openers – who gets to blow away the cobwebs on the first day of the show for you?
2. New Band – any band that have realeased a maximum of one album qualify for this slot.
3. Back from the Dead – OK they don’t need to be dead! They just need to be a band or artist that can no longer be seen playing.
4. Pop Act – here’s your chance to admit to it! we all have a soft spot for a pop act…don’t we?
5. Saturday night ‘twilight’ spot – the spot that they all want, just as the sun is setting before the Saturday night headliners do their thang.
6. Friday Night Headliners – explains itself
7. Saturday Night Headliners – as does this…
8. Sunday Night Headliners to close out the show – and probably this one too.

So here’s how my Fantasy Festival would look…

Show Openers – INTERPOL – They get me going everytime I hear them, so I’ll give them a chance to get my festival going too.

New Band – RIOT NOISE – who I hear you say? That will change I’m sure.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon them supporting Duff McKagan and man they kick ass.

Back From the Dead – MANSUN – Yes I could choose to see The Beatles or Jimi Hendrix, but your favourite band of all time are your favourite band of all time, Mansun it is.

Pop Act – GIRLS ALOUD – Easiest category of the lot!

Twilight spot – MUSE – I still say I knew about Muse before anyone else!! I saw them pre any releases in Devon years and years ago.  It was all thanks to me!!

Friday Headliners – THE CURE – Every song a hit.  A pure beauty that will send me back to my tent on day one a very happy camper.

Saturday Headliners – RADIOHEAD – ‘its just slit your wrists shit’, ‘they’re too depressing’ on the contrary, they’re almost too inspirational.

Sunday Headliners – OASIS – Growing up in the brit pop years means the Gallagher brothers have a special place in my heart, and at my festival.

OK now I wanna hear your line up! alternatively you can slate mine or tell me that I’m a fantasy festival god! Get your thinking caps on…shit I left out Coldplay…

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