Roadshow? Eh?

Roadshow? Eh?

If, like me, you’re a jobbing drummer (just waiting for that big gig to come in) then with any luck you may have had a few gigs around Christmas! Even with the current financial gloom (I’m avoiding using the vile term credit crunch….bo****ks, I just did) you still need a top quality band knocking out ‘Hi-ho silver lining’ at the Christmas ‘do’ so that Kevin from accounts gets to dance with his tie around his head whilst Beccy from reception gets hopelessly pissed and falls over doing her best Pussycat dolls impression.

What you may have noticed is the DJ ? In fact, sometimes they are rather hard to miss because whilst many bands are trying to downsize their PA systems by getting new gear that promises powerful, crisp sounds in small boxes, these guys are buying up all the surplus gear! Anything large, square, black and obnoxiously heavy seems to be the order of the day.

On a recent gig, during soundcheck I noticed this chap (and no spring chicken I hasten to add) cart in on an old sack barrow, load after load of speakers, amps, lighting stands/rails etc that put our clobber to shame. It looked like he expected the rear doors of the venue to open to reveal 6000 more seats (rather than the staff car-park).

There was space by the stage but he still grumbled ‘ I’ve hardly got enough space to put my full Roadshow up!’

He then set about constructing his ‘roadshow’ (something I thought disappeared somewhere around 1983) dressed in a set of brown overalls! Obviously a true professional he didn’t want to get his evening wear dirty, were it not for him taking off his Grange Hill Janitors outfit to reveal some casual ‘slacks’ and an old t-shirt……

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