NAMM 2009 Report

NAMM 2009 Report

When you’re told you’re being sent to The NAMM Show you have 2 choices…do you tell people that you’re ‘off to NAMM’ or do you say ‘I’m off to Hollywood baby!’? Personally I tend to choose the second as it makes my friends jealous and generally makes me sound cool! However…I know from experience working at NAMM is one tough slog of work hard, play hard…sleep bad!  This year’s show was no different, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

This years trip to NAMM…sorry I mean Hollywood baby (jealous?!) gave me a great chance to see the numerous drum kits, cymbals, hardware, accessories and even some new mittens for drummers that will be hitting your stores in 2009.  It would be impossible to pick out favourites but I can assure that all you drummers out there are going to have some great kit to show off your brand new customskin drum heads.


As always the stars were out in force and I was lucky enough to meet copious amounts of world class Drummers, yet all of these Drummers put together couldn’t match my excitement when I was in a Beverley Hills bar and saw Ron Jeremy standing to my right!! I quickly plucked up the courage to ask him for a photo (which he was more than happy to do) and then plucked up even more courage to put my arm around his shoulder for it!

One thing that we noted about the Ronster was that he had a really crap old phone…he obviously went for a career which gave him job satisfaction rather than good money!

Another highlight of The NAMM Show was undoubtedly calling home and hearing about the weather! ‘its minus 12 at night here’ were my Mum’s words when I checked in after landing – at this point I was standing under a blue sky and bright sunshine…would you hate me if I told you I even started saying that it was too hot?!?!


One of my colleges/best mates is a massive Guns N Roses fan which meant I was lucky enough to be one of only 500 people to see Adler’s Appetite play at The Key Club on the Saturday night of the show…and man can Steven Adler still play drums.  I was in a group of 8 peeps in the VIP balcony right on top of the stage and we were all completely blown away! I know that the guy has got some stick over the years (not meant as a stick pun!) but he was world class as were the whole band.  For 2 hours we were all in 1988 watching GnR on sunset strip.  Thought – do you think Adler purposely called his band a name that would give them the initials AA given his past drink related problems?!?!

Right I’ve run out of words so I’ll quickly say that Ray Luzier of Korn and John Fred Young of Black Stone Cherry are two of the nicest guys you could wish to meet!

So that’s it from me, hopefully I’ll be back soon (if the customskin boys let me!!)

Take it easy chicken

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