The Great Customskins Giveaway 2 – win an awesome thing!

The Great Customskins Giveaway 2 – win an awesome thing!

This blog post is a sequel to The Great Customskins Giveaway. Unlike most sequels though, this one is almost as good!

By the way, sorry for the lack of posts in, like, forever. We've been extremely busy here and I didn't want to alienate our loyal readership with substandard blog posts. But fear not, this post oozes quality from the first word to the very last.

As you can imagine, my finger is very much on the pulse when it comes to advancements in the drum mic hole reinforcement sector. I even attended HoleSafe2009, the annual industry trade fair. So it was with some excitement that I came across KickPort, a whole new way of strengthening your hole. Quivering, I called my dealer and explained to them my predicament:

Me: I have a predicament!
My dealer: What's your predicament?
Me: I don't have enough low-end! I don't have enough tone! I need more punch! I require a better feel!
My dealer: I may have just the thing to solve your low-end tonal punchy feeling problem!
Me: I know! The KickPort! Manufactured by KickPort International LLC in Petaluma, CA!
My dealer: Precisely! I've heard that Doane Perry of Jethro Tull has one, and his low-end has gone through the floor!
Me: Get me one immediately!

Several days later I received my brand new KickPort, the 5″ model with the white rim. It was like Christmas, but with less kittens to drown.

But there was a problem. I hadn't bargained on the epic proportions of the item; clearly a result of the American design and construction. Damn, I thought, this will never fly. Here's why:


Clearly this will never fly, let alone travel in a courier van without total decimation.

So it is with great sadness that we've decided to give away our KickPort. Here's a photo of it:


Isn't it beautiful? Here's a photo of the KickPort next to a plunger to give you an idea of size:


In case that doesn't give you an idea of the size, here's a photo of the KickPort next to a yellow plastic cow:


Now you have an idea of size, let me remind you of the facts:

– The KickPort stops your mic hole from tearing
– The KickPort makes you sound amazing
– The KickPort retails at £36.99
– This KickPort is 5″ and white

To win this amazing KickPort, reinforce your hole and become a real man simply answer the following trivia question. Please post your answer in the blog comments, and we'll pick the winner, contact you, and send you the KickPort!

If you had to kick a celebrity into a port, which port would it be?

Best of luck! The competition ends on Friday 13th August


29 responses to “The Great Customskins Giveaway 2 – win an awesome thing!”

  1. If you had to kick a celebrity into a port, which port would it be?

    Easy, it would be Debbie Peterson from The Bangles. ONLY because then I would get to jump in and save her. I can’t be the only drummer who thinks she’s sexy, right?


  2. Newport – no reason, I just likes it you see, much like I’d like that kickport you know. So thats it really – like peas in a pod. Go-on, give it to me, I’d kicks it with pride – FACT!


  3. I would love to take the opPORTunity to kick Jenny Bond right to the heliPORT where a chopper would transPORT her as far away as possible. Preferably PORTugal. Or GosPORT. Obviously, I’d not forget to include her passPORT. She’s not imPORTant at all and i doubt anyone would be willing to apPORTion any blame upon anyone.

    Does that win me the KickPort? Come now.. don’t be spoilsPORTs…. ;o)


  4. I’d kick Chad Smith and Tico Torres into PORTsmouth in the hope that Custom Skins would follow and set up a shop near to me 🙂


  5. I’d probably kick Cheryl Tweedy into Southampton’s port because:

    1) It’s really bloody annoying when she says “Week, limp, lifeless…”.

    2)She’s very attractive; always good to pick on people you fancy.

    3) I now live in Southampton so could go and do this with minimal time taken for travelling and I could get a Krispy Kreme Chocolate Cream right after, which is something you can’t do in Nottingham (which has no port).



  6. Here in Catania, Sicily, Italy, Europe, third stone from the Sun, we have a big slimy stinky port, polluted with nice kerosene and nicely assorted pongyreeking crap. We would like so much to call a nice contest where Paris Hilton Lady Gaga Madonna and Carla Bruni kick each other in that pit until next Christmas, just to decide who’s the tiniest dumbest assh*ole among them all (and then declare them all as complete winners).


  7. I wouldn’t mind kicking Bill Gates rather hard up his rear USB Port for all the times my computers crashed and ive had to reinstall Windows from scratch for the 100th time!

    Loosing data is not much fun lol.


  8. I would like to kick square between the legs into a port would be Paris Hilton im just thinking shes had everything else between her legs so why not…lol


  9. I would love to push pretty much ALL the celebrities into ANY port .. then there would never be amymore Celebrity Get me out of here or Celebrity Big Brother EVER!!!


  10. First a pro tip: don’t mistype ‘port’ in Google whilst at work…just one letter wrong and all of a sudden your annual review is taking on a whole new slant….

    I’m not sure about kicking INTO, but there is a rather nice, heavy looking portcullis at Warwick castle which I’d kick a few celebrities under. I’d celebrate my good deed of removing unnecessary “stars” by drinking a glass of Da Sliva’s Vintage Port 1865.


  11. I would definitely kick the complete tool from the “go compare” advert for as long as it took untill he (or what was left of him) would fit through the kickport itself!


  12. That would be Port Royal, and the “celebrity” would be Rocken Rolf, the singer of German Power metal band Running Wild.

    “My last words, hahaa. Who do you think you are, and what right have YOU, to judge over my destiny…”


  13. I would kick Simon Cowell into the spaceport at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, so he can be launched into space so we don’t ever have to put up with his contributions to the music charts or his domination of saturday evening TV ever again!


  14. I’d kick Selma Hayek into a bottle of port, get her drunk and then take advantage of her….. If only


  15. I would kick Doane Perry of Jethro Tull into the nearest port I can find as she has a Kickport and I dont!


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