Customskins price rise – Great News for Everyone!

Customskins price rise – Great News for Everyone!

You may have noticed that Custom Skins Blog posts have been a little on the sparse side since Christmas. There’s a reason for this though; we’ve been working hard behind the scenes putting together perhaps the most explosive and exciting event in the history of…

the Great Customskins 2010 Price Rise!

Stop rejoicing for one moment though, so I can give you some background. A story without background is like a picture without a background – photoshopped. Trust me though, this story ain’t photoshopped –  there’s LITERALLY no way you can Photoshop a story. Try it!

Anyway, we haven’t raised our prices in about 4 years. In that time EVERYTHING has got more expensive – printers, blank drum heads, postage, inks, beer, accomodation, petrol, linguine. Literally everything. Except customskins from customskins. A couple of years ago we VAT registered, but instead of adding VAT to our prices we absorbed it, like a big happy generous sponge. Thank you customskins! Said everyone, whilst we ate baked beans and slept in the clothes recycling bin.

But enough is enough, and after careful analysis we’ve modified our pricing structure, to MORE. For those of you who prefer numbers to words, here’s the equation:


What will the customskins price rise mean for you?

The good news is that the increase in prices will have no detrimental affect on our service – this will remain identical. You will simply pay us more money.

If you have any questions regarding the information above please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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2 responses to “Customskins price rise – Great News for Everyone!”

  1. Hey, Tim, guys,

    This is great news! You do a top notch job and serious professionals deserve a good rate! Good on you for not being apologetic!

    I recommend this service to anyone, if you want to see their work get onto my pictures!

    Jimbo x


  2. Ha,ha, I’m gonna buy one now based on this blog. Classic. I’ll be in touch next week with the design. Ha,ha, brilliant.


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