The Great Customskins Giveaway – Win an Aquarian Superkick II

The Great Customskins Giveaway – Win an Aquarian Superkick II


Here at customskins HQ we’ve got loads of stuff we bought for no particular reason, have never used, never will use, and frankly just gets in the way at our annual Day Out At Customskins event.

For this reason I thought I’d give some of it away. First up:

Aquarian Superkick II Bass Drum Head (22″)

A couple of years ago we came up with a cunning plan here at Customskins. We realised that if we buy all the blank drumheads in the world nobody else will be able to get hold of them, and will have to buy custom printed skins from us instead. Of course, the plan totally worked, which is how we were able to buy Notre Dame Cathedral and convert it into Customskins HQ.

What we didn’t bargain for was Aquarian Superkick II heads. Thanks to their superb internal dampening we’re unable to print on them, and consequentiality have a whole crypt full of them here at CSHQ.

Here’s some more information about the Superkick II from the amazing Aquarian website:

A clear, two ply bass drum head. The two ply version provides extra durability and a more focussed sound.

Sounds pretty good huh? Well, we’re giving one away today so to get your hands on it just tell us in the comments, in 3 words, why you deserve to win it. I’ll let the winner know by email. We’ll then send the awesome brand new Aquarian to you next day delivery!

Good luck


5 responses to “The Great Customskins Giveaway – Win an Aquarian Superkick II”

  1. I need extra durability as my low end is starting to sag…. That a good enough reason ?


  2. Wanted New Custom Skin for my old pearl drum kit please, Can you print “Old Gits” on it as the Old Gits wont buy me one. Old Bast**ds. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the “Old Gits”


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