About time?

Welcome to the customskins.co.uk blog!

After 4 years we've decided it's about time we started writing about general goings on at Customskins HQ, along with other drumming/music related stuff, and probably a fair bit of unrelated nonsense as well.

To ensure balanced and comprehensive coverage we've enlisted the help of a Richmond, our 'gigging drummer', to take a more in depth look at the world of hitting dead cows with wooden sticks.

Richmond first picked up drumsticks at 18 months, had a break till age 9 and has been obsessed ever since, playing, studying, selling, constructing, repairing, and teaching drums. He started gigging regularly aged 13 and has been inflicting his drumming on anyone who would listen ever since. Richmond has done over 500 live performances all over the UK as well as France, Italy and Germany. The 'Houdini of the drum world' currently performs with 'ZiPPERFACE' (a theatrical metal band) The Mardi Gras Jazz Band (New Orleans/Swing/Dixie) and Higamos Hogamos (D.C. recordings) amongst others.

In addition, we'll be publishing guest posts by other people involved in the industry. If you're interested in contributing let us know.

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