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Pure solid gold blunt

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Today we’ve been printing a drum head for James Blunt. It’s got a mirror gold finish and if you have eyes you can see a snapshot of it above. Later Arthur the Interlink man will collect it and take it to Helsinki.

Now, we’re fans of Blunt here at customskins. Not really for his music which, as you probably know, is wetter than the Pacific Ocean. Nope, more for the man himself. Would there be anyone better to be on a world tour with? Not only would you be surrounded by supermodels, but security is unlikely to be an issue since James Blunt famously led the entire British Army into battle, armed only with an adjustable spanner.

Should the world ever be invaded by hostile aliens Independence Day style, you can forget about Will Smith. Blunt will take on the entire population of the Planet Zark single-handedly, and still have enough energy to shag Giselle afterwards.

Most of all though, I reckon he’d be a great touring buddy because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. You can imagine sitting in a Russian bar, vodka in hand, Blunt holding court with tales of battles and conquests, all delivered with his characteristic self-deprecating wit.

Oi, Klum, get a round in!

2 Responses to Pure solid gold blunt

  1. Hey, man, you’re too nice to be left alone with your blog… here’s your first comment from the greatest Italian rock band ever, Long Hair In Three Stages, proudly wearing one of your great skins (and we can prove it: ).
    But everything has its price. The price for this great blog comment is to pay a visit to our myspace, and to enthousiastically call Mr. Blunt and bluntly ask him (or somebody noisier and equally nice) to take this fantastic Italian rock band out for a world tour or anything like that that may somehow unite your great contacts and our great talents into money and fame (which we will immediately share with our great drumprinter! would you prefer a cottage here in Sicily or a manor in California? with a pool, sure.) :-))))

  2. I never knew James Blunt was a drummer…. doesn’t a certain fine drummer Karl Brazil have the pleasure of wearing the golden lion on his bass drum??


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